What is air spring?
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What is air spring?

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Air springs, also known as air bags, are a type of suspension system used in vehicles to improve ride quality and load-carrying capacity. Air springs are typically made of rubber and plastic materials and contain a compressed column of air that supports the weight of the vehicle.


Air springs are often used in heavy-duty trucks, buses, and other commercial vehicles, as well as in some luxury cars and SUVs. They offer several advantages over traditional metal springs, including a smoother ride, improved handling and stability, and the ability to adjust the suspension for different driving conditions.


Air springs work by using compressed air to support the weight of the vehicle. When the vehicle encounters a bump or uneven surface, the air spring compresses, absorbing the shock and smoothing out the ride. Air springs can also be adjusted to provide a stiffer or softer suspension, depending on the driving conditions.


One of the primary benefits of air springs is their ability to carry heavier loads. Since the air pressure in the springs can be adjusted, they can be inflated to support more weight when needed. This makes them ideal for use in commercial vehicles and other heavy-duty applications.


Overall, air springs are a versatile and reliable suspension system that offer several benefits over traditional metal springs. They can improve ride quality, handling, and stability, and provide the ability to adjust the suspension for different driving conditions.


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