The design of yacht interiors includes a lot of knowledge
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The design of yacht interiors includes a lot of knowledge

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The design of yacht interiors includes a lot of knowledge, among which the selection of yacht interior materials is a technology.

Common materials for yacht interiors


Rubber is used as the interior floor of yachts, its main features are environmental protection, mute, non-slip, durable, flame retardant, non-discoloring, recyclable, free of halides, heavy metals, free of PVC-polyvinyl chloride, plasticizers, fire Does not precipitate hydrogen chloride; excellent wear-resistant material. The service life can be as long as more than 20 years, and the excellent noise reduction function reduces the noise by more than 20 decibels. Rubber floor also has strong corrosion resistance, iodine, disinfectant will not have a significant impact on its performance, relatively high safety, fire performance B1 (GB); anti-slip performance R9; no toxic gas is released. In addition, rubber flooring can effectively inhibit bacteria and fungi.

Leather spinning:

The leather-spun material breaks the confinement of the traditional textile and leather interior concept, and adopts a unique leather-spinning process and special processing technology to achieve a new revolution in the concept of car and boat decoration. Suitable for medium and high-end marins seat, passenger compartment decoration, etc.


1. It is developed by high-tech technology, and is made of three-dimensional green leather technology of moisturizing microfiber leather spinning decorative material.

2. Flexible packaging products have good flexibility, and are used for indoor packaging to show cultural characteristics.

3. The effect of sound absorption and heat insulation is remarkable, which can save energy very well.

DND Dawn designed the cabin interior of the 63-foot yacht, selected leather, and then processed it without chrome, which does not cause pollution to the environment. The texture of the furniture is matched with walnut, and the natural fibers are used for fabric decoration and sofa seat covers, which have won the title of green environmental protection.

New Druma Flooring:

The new Druma Flooring is the latest flooring material from the Dutch supplier of international superyacht interior materials in Drumarkon, the Netherlands. is a new non-combustible floating floor with essentially the same construction characteristics, weight and installation as conventional floors. The difference is that the weight of the floor has been reduced to varying degrees, and an innovation has been made in the choice of materials and fire protection to suit the new generation of superyachts.


Most of the wood used on yachts is teak, oak, cherry wood, and bamboo and wood composites are also used on some small yachts.

Teak: Teak material is resistant to decay, excellent performance, straight grain or slightly staggered, uneven structure, medium weight, medium density, minimal shrinkage, stable size after drying, and relatively wear-resistant.

However, this requires daily maintenance and care. Take care of it carefully, and pay attention to preventing scalding and sunlight. If you choose a teak floor on the boat, you should also pay attention to some basic requirements. Do not wear high-heeled shoes and often step on the floor.

Features of teak floor: 1. It contains heavy oil, which can prevent insects and ants. 2. The golden surface is formed by photosynthesis, and the longer the time, the more beautiful it is. 3. The special natural fragrance has a calming effect on the human nervous system. 4. High density and hardness, not easy to deform, not easy to wear and crack.

Oak: Widely distributed in the eastern United States, hard and heavy wood, good machinability, slow drying. Oak is widely used in yacht floors and furniture due to its excellent material properties. Oak heavy and hard grain is straight, rough in structure, elegant in color and beautiful in texture, quite high in mechanical strength, and wear-resistant, but the wood is not easy to dry sawing and cutting. Due to the hard texture of oak, it is difficult to remove water. Furniture made without water may begin to deform or shrink and crack after a year or a half.

Cherry wood: The new wood color of cherry wood ranges from bright red to reddish brown, and the color becomes darker after sun exposure. It is mostly used for floors and furniture, with good wood bending properties, low rigidity, medium strength and anti-vibration ability. Cherry wood floors are resistant to decay.

The natural deep red of the cherry wood floor is bright and eye-catching, and it is a must for American and European home decoration. The cherry wood floor is rough, simple and elegant, giving people a feeling of natural simplicity and retro comfort.


Hardware outfitting parts use a large number of stainless steel products, gold-plated products and silver products and various shock-proof and seawater-proof glass. The material of choice for yacht window frames is naturally metal, with the three most commonly used metals being copper, aluminium and steel. In addition, marble floors are used on large superyachts.


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