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RV interior design

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RV interior design

The RV called "home on wheels" is a mobile car with household facilities. For car owners who love to travel, it undoubtedly solves a major problem of rest + travel. Today, let's take a look at what new designs are available in RVs. Let’s take a look at the interior design of the car:

Simple green design

Today, design masters are championing natural lighting, fresh greenery and a clean design style, which is reflected in the Audi AI-ME. In the context of green design, the design of solar charging and wind power generation has also attracted much attention. And thermal insulation, double glazing, textile seats and easier-to-clean designs have also taken the RV in a new design direction.

hide collapsible

The hidden and foldable design is more common in RVs. In order to save the available space of the RV, one thing has multiple uses. It appears when it should appear, and it is very useful to hide it when it is not needed. This includes foldable beds, seats, sofas, sinks, etc. These foldable designs maximize interior space.

Scene personalized design

Like cars, the design of RVs also has scenes and personalized designs. It will realize personalized customization requirements according to customer needs, so as to better improve the user experience. For example, loading a car in an RV, sailing at sea, using a mobile phone to directly adjust the temperature inside the car, ambient lighting, massage seats, etc.

screen design

The application of screens and touch screens in RVs has gradually become more abundant, and the design of traditional buttons has become less and less. In addition, the design of high-tech and entertainment facilities such as HUD, AR, VR, wireless charging, and immersive games will also be applied in RVs.

Application of Biometrics in RV:

Intelligent design

It is said that the RV is an extension of the home, so in the future, the design of the RV will also realize the interconnection with the home. At the same time, interior design will also be linked to our home design, and the design of shared pods may also appear in RVs. Emotional design has gradually increased with people's requirements for space and vision. In the future, RVs will become transparent. For example, the appearance of panoramic sunroofs and smart glass will enhance the user experience. For example, when we stop by the sea, our RV will fold the shell on its own, and the smart glass or rollable OLED screen will surround our cockpit, thus giving us 360-degree views of the surrounding scenery and Enjoy sunbathing. At the same time, people standing outside the car cannot see us.


In the future, the design of RVs will develop in an emotional, intelligent and personalized direction. We summarize the following points for you:

  • Foldable and hideable home designs will be applied in RVs to maximize the use of space;

  • The design of RV interiors will gradually develop towards lightweight and environmental protection, and textile products will appear in RVs in large numbers;

  • At present, applications such as VR, AR, holography, voice, and gestures are relatively rare in RVs. Therefore, in the future, there is still a lot of room for RV design; 

  • In the context of green design, RV design will become more Close to nature, and its power generation forms will become more diverse, such as solar power generation;

  • Personalized design is the goal pursued by young people now, so in the future, on the basis of ensuring performance, personalized and emotional design will gradually become richer;

  • If you choose a RV to travel, most of the travel time is longer. Therefore, under the premise of ensuring comfort, the entertainment in the car will gradually be enriched, such as immersive games, simulated racing, etc.

  • At present, the space in the RV is still small. In the future, the design of the RV will change with the change of the scene, providing users with space design in different scenarios, improving the user experience and promoting communication.



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