Aluminum Alloy Lift Table Legs Are The Perfect Solution for Yacht Owners Who Are Looking for Both Durability And Style
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Aluminum Alloy Lift Table Legs Are The Perfect Solution for Yacht Owners Who Are Looking for Both Durability And Style

Introducing our innovative Telescopic Table Legs with adjustable, rotatable, and detachable features, crafted from sturdy and lightweight aluminum alloy. These versatile table legs are designed to cater to a wide range of applications, making them an ideal choice for campervans, caravans, motorhomes, trailers, marine vessels such as boats and yachts, and more.

With their telescopic design, these table legs can be easily extended or retracted, allowing for effortless height adjustment. Whether you need a low coffee table or a higher dining table, these adjustable table legs provide the flexibility you require to create the perfect setup.

Not only can you adjust the height, but our table legs also offer a rotatable function, enabling easy rotation of the table surface. This allows you to position the table to suit your specific needs, whether it's for dining, working, or leisure activities.

The durable aluminum alloy construction ensures the table legs are both strong and lightweight, making them ideal for travel and mobile living. They can withstand the rigors of road trips, maritime environments, and various weather conditions, providing long-lasting reliability.

One of the standout features of these table legs is their detachability. They can be easily detached from the table surface, making storage and transportation a breeze. This feature is especially valuable in compact living spaces such as campervans, caravans, and motorhomes, where efficient space utilization is crucial.

Upgrade your interior space with our Telescopic Table Legs, offering the perfect combination of functionality and convenience. Experience the freedom to customize your table height, rotate it to your preferred angle, and effortlessly detach it when needed. Whether you're outfitting your campervan, caravan, motorhome, trailer, or marine vessel, these aluminum alloy table legs are the reliable choice for your versatile and adaptable tabletop needs.
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Product Description

How to use:

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Product Advantage:

The Telescopic Table Legs with adjustable, rotatable, and detachable features, made from durable aluminum alloy, offer several advantages for various applications including camper vans, vans, motorhomes, trailers, boats, and yachts. Here are the key advantages:

1. Versatile Adjustability: With adjustable table legs, you have the freedom to set the table at different heights to accommodate various needs. Whether you require a lower table for relaxing or a higher table for dining or working, these legs allow you to customize the height to your preference.

2. Easy Rotation: The rotatable feature of these table legs enables easy rotation of the table surface. This allows you to position the table at different angles, enhancing usability and convenience. Whether you want to adjust the table for better reach or optimize the space in your vehicle or vessel, the rotatable table legs provide flexibility.

3. Lightweight and Durable: Constructed from lightweight yet sturdy aluminum alloy, these table legs offer the advantage of strength without adding excessive weight. This makes them ideal for mobile applications such as camper vans, vans, motorhomes, and trailers, where weight management is crucial. The aluminum alloy material ensures long-lasting durability, capable of withstanding the demands of travel and marine environments.

4. Detachable for Easy Storage: The detachable table legs provide a significant advantage in terms of storage and transportation. When not in use, you can easily remove the legs from the table surface, allowing for compact and space-efficient storage. This is particularly beneficial in small living spaces, where optimizing storage is essential.

5. Wide Range of Applications: These table legs are designed to cater to a variety of applications. Whether you have a camper van, van, motorhome, trailer, boat, or yacht, these versatile legs can be adapted to suit your specific needs. Their adjustable height, rotatable function, and detachability make them suitable for different settings and activities, enhancing usability in various environments.

In summary, the Telescopic Table Legs with adjustable, rotatable, and detachable features, made from aluminum alloy, offer versatility, convenience, and durability. They provide the advantage of adjustability, rotation, lightweight construction, easy storage, and suitability for a wide range of applications in camper vans, vans, motorhomes, trailers, boats, and yachts.

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Xian Huihong Vehicle Parts Company Limited, established in 2015, is a leading manufacturer and supplier in the automotive industry. With our dedicated team and commitment to innovation, we have built a strong reputation under our brand name, HWHongRV. Our company specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality vehicle seat recliners, slider rails, and seat swivels that cater to a wide range of applications, including marine vessels, campervans, and railway vehicles.

At Xian Huihong Vehicle Parts, we understand the importance of providing comfortable and functional seating solutions for various transportation sectors. Our vehicle seat recliners are designed to offer ergonomic support and enhance passenger comfort during long journeys. We prioritize durability and safety, ensuring that our products meet stringent industry standards and regulations.

In addition to our seat recliners, we offer slider rails that enable smooth and effortless seat adjustment, allowing passengers to find their desired seating position easily. Our seat swivels provide convenience and flexibility by allowing seats to rotate, making it easier for passengers to access different areas within the vehicle.

One of the key strengths of Xian Huihong Vehicle Parts is our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. We have invested significant resources in research and development, resulting in several patented technologies. Our patented table leg design offers stability and versatility, ensuring that tables remain steady even during movement or uneven surfaces. Additionally, our patented ABS table top combines durability with a lightweight design, making it suitable for various applications.

As a customer-centric company, we prioritize building strong relationships with our clients. We strive to understand their specific needs and provide tailored solutions that meet their requirements. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians work closely with customers to develop customized products that align with their unique specifications.

With our exceptional product quality, commitment to innovation, and dedication to customer satisfaction, Xian Huihong Vehicle Parts Company Limited has become a trusted and reliable partner in the automotive industry. Whether for marine vessels, campervans, or railway vehicles, we continue to provide cutting-edge solutions that enhance comfort and functionality for passengers worldwide.

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New infinitely adjustable table legs
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HT- M01N2-JQ
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aluminum alloy
silver white
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